10 Reasons Why Blogs Are Essential For Your Business

Many online marketers underestimate the impact content marketing can have on their business with blogs. It’s shocking just how many businesses think that even something as simple as a blog is somehow unnecessary to their success. One common rebuttal is that since Search Engine Marketing has taken over everything, blogging died in 2010. That’s just plain false. 

Blogging is still the number 1 content marketing strategy for the majority of businesses, even larger than social media marketing. With regular quality posts and blogs, your content brings more and more visitors to your site, which gives your business a larger reach.

So what makes blogging such a content marketing powerhouse? Here are 10 reasons we have found that show exactly why that is how to best do the blogs.

1. Branding

While the internet is a great place to conduct business, when most people do a Google search, it’s rare to find something to buy.

Most of the time, when someone searches for something, it’s to answer a question. 

How do you build a raised garden bed?

When does the next season of my favorite TV show come out?

What is the new ride at a certain theme park-like?

These questions and more are often answered in blogs posts. 

Depending on your niche, your written content can expand your reach to more than just a few clicks per day. Your blogs create your brand, who you are presenting yourself as to the world in your chosen field. 

point 1 branding in Blogs Are Essential

2. Expertise

Depending on your field, people generally trust experts. But they have to be seen as experts first.

Face it, anyone can slap on the whole “I’m the best” label and think that makes them an expert. The problem is that when put to the test, these “experts” end up falling flat on their faces and eventually labeled as frauds. 

What your content marketing can do is show your audience that not only are you an expert in your niche but that you have a unique take on certain subjects that they can’t get anywhere else. 

Eventually, you don’t have to give yourself the “I’m the best” label, it’s given to you by your audience – all because they have grown to know, like, and trust you through your content. 

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point 2 expertise in Blogs Are Essential

3. Education

Do you remember the early days of the internet and the flashy, yet annoying, pop-up ads that would show up at random times? 

We should all be grateful that those days are long over. Especially since the likelihood of anyone actually intentionally clicking on one of those ads is next to zero. 

Blogging, on the other hand, can help solve the problem that many people have. 

Let’s use “How to build a raised garden bed” as an example.

Your blog can educate your audience on what materials they would need to build it, the measurements, as well as any fun designs they may want to try for their garden, like an added bench on the bed’s edge so they can sit while they garden, or other fun ideas.

point 3 education in Blogs Are Essential

These blogs not only provide the education the user needs to solve their problem, but also open the door for them to buy what you may be selling. If you are offering insight on how to build garden beds, you might be in the business of selling seeds to plant in those newly built beds.

4. SEO Ranking

So you may have a way to answer your client’s questions, but it means nothing if it doesn’t get in front of their faces first. 

With Google’s recent algorithm change, they have changed the way the SEO game is played. Currently, Google ranks sites based on the intent of the search rather than the exact phrase the user typed in. 

So if your content best matches the user’s intent, your site will rank higher. This is where content marketing has a bit more freedom than it did in the past. Instead of focusing on a strict phrase, Google and other search engines can get the gist of what you post and push that to the front page.

It also helps if you post a lot. Typically, blogs that post 3 to 4 times a week are more likely to have a successful SEO outcome than those that only post periodically. 

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point 4 seo ranking in Blogs Are Essential

5. Broaden Your Keywords

If you have a specific niche that you have carved out for yourself, the keywords and phrases you use are extremely useful here. 

Even though Google and other search engines are focused more on intent than they used to, they are still robots and need something to go off of. 

So having the right kind of keyword or phrase, particularly long-tail keywords, will likely be your best friend when it comes to your content marketing plan. 

Going back to our garden beds example, another search that a user within that niche might be looking for is soil types for certain plants and flowers. Your blog can bring the right kind of knowledge to that group of people.

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point 5 broaden keywords in Blogs Are Essential

6. Social Media

When it comes to content marketing, there is a misconception that social media and blogging are somehow incompatible. 

Again, this is false. 

Not only can you post your latest blogs to your social media pages, which brings in more visitors to your website, but it provides opportunities for free advertising from their sharing of your content on their social media accounts. 

This not only boosts your rankings but all your potential customer base.

point 6 social media in Blogs Are Essential

7. Email Lists

As with any good content marketing plan, it helps to have an email list in place. These not only remind people that you exist, but it also helps with name and brand recognition. 

If your potential customer wants something you sell, yours would be the first name that pops up.

The question then becomes how to get people to sign up for that email list.

You guessed it: your blog.

If people like reading your blog posts, they are more than likely to enjoy the content you send to their email as well. Check out the best Direct Mail Services Agency

point 7 email list in Blogs Are Essential

8. Humanizing Yourself 

It’s always important to appear professional when running a business, even on the internet. 

The problem is that it’s also incredibly easy to forget that there are real people on the other side of the screen. 

Since you’re more than likely a smaller entity, you typically will have a leg up on the bigger players if you have a blog that brings consistent quality content to people. 

While you will always want to get bigger, it should never get to the point where it dehumanized you and your brand.

point 8 humanizing yourself

9. Lead Generation

Social media is great when it comes to generating leads, and it should always be a part of your content marketing plan. 

But it shouldn’t be the only one.

Remember, people don’t usually go to social media when they want a question answered that can be provided by Google. 

And the only way to bring people to your site so you, and only you, can answer their questions is through a blog. 

Social media posts can get lost in a user’s timeline and eventually memory-holed. 

point 9 lead generation

A blog post, on the other hand, especially when well-written, can rank on search engines for a long time. 

10. Customer Feedback

Blog posts will typically have a section for people to leave comments about the topic of the post or even the business overall. 

This is a good way to know what your audience thinks about you and what you have to offer. It also provides needed feedback for what you need to do to adjust so your business can succeed.

point 10 customer feedback in Blogs Are Essential

And even if some of your viewers don’t leave feedback, you can still get needed insights through your viewer demographics on the back end. That is where you can know what posts are getting the most views and engagements. That way you can recreate what works.


Even though these are only 10 of the benefits blogging can have when it comes to your content marketing, there are still many more. More than anything, your blog can help establish a relationship with your audience that wouldn’t be possible with social media alone. 

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