5 Basic Principles of SEO to Boost Your Website Traffic

It always helps to have the basic principles of SEO down. Whether we like it or not, search engine optimization is one of the basic building blocks of this new world of ecommerce. If you primarily sell products online, you want to find a way to get your site to the front page of Google as soon as possible.

And it’s not hard to see why. With the majority of online traffic coming from search engines, it’s no wonder that many online marketers wants to know the basic principles of SEO. Especially, if you’re like most people, and don’t bother going past the first page of a search.

With all this in mind, your SEO website plan needs a foundation. Here are 5 basic principles of SEO to boost your website traffic.

Basic Principle of SEO 1 – Keyword Optimization

When it comes to basic SEO principles, keywords are your bread and butter. Carefully keywords researched can lead to improving SEO for your website pretty quickly.

  • Having a specific keyword for each page is usually the best strategy to take. If you’re unsure what keywords to use right away, here are some ways you can develop a keyword list for your site’s pages:
  • Brainstorming – Write down all the words you can think of.
  • Google’s Keyword Planner – Recently, Google came out with a keyword planner to help webmasters and SEO specialists reach a specific audience.
  • Google searches – A keyword search through Google or other search engines can show what has more competition and which are more niche.
  • Q&A sites – These sites are designed to receive thousands of questions a day looking for answers from specific professionals. FAQ pages can also fit this need.

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Basic Principle of SEO 2 – Title Tags

Search engines will review the different headlines you use in the various articles and content you produce for your site. This is another area where keywords are important.

Each of your titles should contain a keyword near the beginning. This prompts Google to recognize how relevant your content is. It’s usually a good idea to incorporate your brand in it as best as possible since it makes it easier for your target audience to not only find you, but recognize what the content is promoting.

Be sure to make your titles compelling. No one likes boring content, after all. A good title doubles as a form of a call to action, at least when it comes to content engagement. So long as it doesn’t affect the readability of your post. Play with the way your titles and headlines read and sound.

Basic Principle of SEO 3 – Metadata

Meta keywords don’t really play a large role in SEO website optimization like it used to, but things like your meta description can still help provide a role in your search engine rankings.

Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, your main headline and your meta description act as the hook to bring readers and other users to your site. And the more attractive your headline and meta description, the higher you are more likely to rank.

Basic Principle of SEO 4 – Content

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – CONTENT IS KING. Face it: it doesn’t matter how many basic principles of SEO you master if you do not consistently produce high quality content.

It should be no wonder, then, why posts are getting longer and longer. Gone are the days that a typical post will be less than 400 words. It typically takes a lot longer to be able to adequately cover a topic from as many angles as possible. In fact, it’s not uncommon now to find posts that average anywhere between 1100 to 2000 words per post.

That’s not to say that your posts should only be the written word. You can get away with some posts like that, but it helps to include as much multimedia as possible such as pictures, gifs, and video. In fact, video tends to be the best form of content creation out there. If you can create a video and use the metadata within that piece of content. Your SEO website ranking can reach new heights.

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Basic Principle of SEO 5 – Audits

With how quickly the world of ecommerce and online marketing move, a regular SEO audit can only do you good, especially if you want to keep the same level of productivity over time. Just like replacing old boards on a wooden ship, you need to look into what areas of your SEO plan aren’t working and replace them.

Here’s a few things you can look for when performing that SEO audit:

Reviewing metadata, including meta descriptions and titles

Checking ALT tags on images and videos

Reviewing the URL structure of each post

Reviewing keywords on old posts

Reviewing the mobile friendliness of your site

Performing these audits can keep your website and content fresh, as well as keep your rankings high. It also helps to see where things may be falling short.

When you can get these basic SEO principles down, not just on a one-time basis but as an ongoing effort, you find that your site will climb higher and higher through the rankings, no longer getting lost in the dark pages of Google’s page 2 or beyond. You’ll increase traffic and potentially get more sales as a result. If you are looking for SEO Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah, Contact Us Today 801-823-4110

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