7 Steps for SEO Content Strategy for Viral Content

Too often, SEO content strategy has been seen as dropping a tactical nuke on a website, picking a subject and then inserting a keyword here and there before clicking “post”. The reality? Creating SEO content is more like surgical precision with a laser. It requires learning about your subject. Sometimes it requires a lot of research and a lot of planning.

While SEO keywords are certainly important, the major aspect of the Know, Like, and Trust factor is what problems can you solve with your content. Your audience knows, likes, and trusts you to give the best possible solution through your content. But they’re never going to find it if you go for the improv approach.

Occasionally, your SEO Agency would need to be scrapped entirely and you will need to start over from the bottom. To create the best possible strategy for SEO.

SEO Content Strategy Step 1 – Identify Your Audience

This boils down to a few simple questions you must take time to answer:

Who are your current customers?

What attracts people to your competition?

What do you offer?

How do people perceive you?

Answering all these questions can help you create SEO content that has your unique voice and brings more and more people to you.

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SEO Content Strategy Step 2 – Define Your Niche

Part of content creation strategy is knowing what you are the authority on. Yes, your content should be engaging, no one should want to use it as a sleep aid, but if you don’t appear like you know what you are talking about, it doesn’t matter how witty or dry your content is.

A successful SEO content strategy requires you to be the authority on your chosen topic. Would you want to go to a medical doctor for advice on the best kind of architecture? Or a painter on how to best change the oil in your car?

Of course not. You go to the doctor to talk about your broken leg. You go to the painter to learn about the difference between acrylic and watercolor paint.

And people will come to you as the authority on your chosen niche.

SEO Content Strategy Step 3 – Choose Specific Keywords

Now we’re at keywords. Like we mentioned above, keywords, while important, are not the first, or even the second steps to create a successful strategy for SEO.

There are a few smaller steps to successfully accomplish this larger step.

Find a broad search term – This is usually something very broad. As an example, let’s say you want to sell to other artists. So, your broad term would be “art supplies”.

Define your scope – What kind of artists are you looking for? Painters, sculptors, woodworkers? What kind of terms would your chosen niche use to search for the solution to their problem?

Put it together – Once you have a short list of ideas, you can put them together in the way you want your specific puzzle to look. One of the things you can do can be to run searches on the terms you have found, starting with the broad search and then narrowing them down.

Consider using keyword research tools – This is more of a time saving measure than anything else. The convenience of having an automated system to assist you in your keyword search can save you time, and ultimately money. And yes, while some may require an upfront investment, it would only be a matter of time before it ends up paying for itself.

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SEO Content Strategy Step 4 – Optimization

Now that you have your arsenal of keywords for your SEO and content marketing, here comes the part where you must arrange them in a way that not only makes sense for your audience but will also perform how you want it to.

Your first broad, or focus, keyword should be in your meta description. Search engines are more likely to use these to help boost your rankings. With the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, making sure your meta description meets the intent of the search will boost your ranking even further.

Remember, as a key component of your SEO content plan, your meta description should help boost your K.L.T. factor.

SEO Content Strategy Step 5 – Keep Current

So now that you have clicked “publish”, everything is all well and good, right?

Well, not quite.

Creating compelling content includes making sure everything, your backlinks, your images, and sometimes even the overall content itself, is up to date.

Remember, to maintain your K.L.T. factor, your audience needs to know that you are staying current with the information that is out there. If your content includes links that are broken or no longer exist, a very clearly dated image, or any other issues, you lose trust and therefore lose your audience.

Keep everything up to date, and you’ll find your way to a successful SEO plan.

SEO Content Strategy Step 6 – Personal Hosting

During the filming of one of his movies, Mel Brooks was approach by Gene Wilder. While they were talking, Gene brought up how he wanted to write a movie himself. Mel replied with, “Oh, so you want to direct?”

Gene was taken aback by this and adamantly insisted that he only want to write. Mel told him, “The only way you can protect what you write is if you direct as well.”

The same is true with any content that you produce. You can control what is published, any edits that may be needed, and how to build your SEO plan directly.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still do partnerships and guest content, but there is no better protection of ensuring your content gets released the way you want it to than by doing it yourself.

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SEO Content Strategy Step 7 – Tracking

Any goal worth pursuing is worth tracking. If you don’t track the amount of traffic you get, how your page is ranking on a daily, or even weekly, basis, what is driving conversions, and so on, there’s no way to know if your SEO content plan is working.

Find ways to measure your success and see how things need to be adjusted for better results.

In the end, any kind of SEO content and marketing strategy is a long game. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But using these tactics can help your content reach new heights.  Contact US..!! today for a consultation to see how we can improve your SEO strategy for your local business.

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