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You’ve done it– your blog is finished, designed just the way you wanted, and is finally launched. But what about driving blog traffic? It’s time to build a content strategy. As a blogger, you’ll need a focused content strategy that includes the likes of content writing, social media, SEO, and more. That’s why we’ve created this beginner’s guide to driving blog traffic, and by the end of this, you’ll have your very own content strategy ready to use!

Here are 5 easy ways to start generating more blog traffic! 

1 – Content is King

You’ve most likely heard this before, and that’s because content really is king. Being strategic and producing high-quality, intriguing content is a surefire way to get more visitors. Content nowadays falls into two categories, typically: funny or informative. Make sure you know what type you’re aiming for.  Also, make sure your headlines are on point– attention-grabbing and related.

A great way to find ideas for content is to look on Pinterest or find industry-specific trending topics on LinkedIn or Quora. Always be asking yourself “Would I read this” or “Would I find this interesting?” The last thing you want is to spend so much time on one piece of content and have no one engage with it because it’s boring!

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2 – Blog Optimization

If you want to bring new people to your blog, you’ll need SEO to optimize its content and keywords. With SEO, you’ll get targeted traffic to your website as users search for the information they’re looking for. Most importantly, work on your keyword strategy! Here is a quick list of blog optimization tips:

  • Find long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are unpopular keyword phrases with low search volume and high variation. They consist of 3 or more words. Example: buy breathable running socks
  • Link to other blog posts you’ve written related to the subject
  • Use keywords in your context text
  • Never keyword stuff: the action of stuffing as many keywords into a phrase as possible. Value user experience over keywords.

Quick Tip: How to Find Long Tail Keywords

1: Go to Google

2: Start typing in a word that relates to your brand

3: All the suggested phrases are long-tail keywords, and what other people are searching for! (See below.)

Step 4: Use them as part of your keyword list on Google Keyword Planner.

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3 – Set Up Social Media & Find Your Audience

It’s time to get familiar with social media marketing. This is a very important part of your blog creation and content strategy. This will increase your brand awareness, as well as give you a place to post blogs, updates and build an audience. To start, you’ll want to set up your social media on whichever platform is best, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Tiktok, Reddit, or Tumblr. And once you’ve set up your accounts, start posting! Consistently, at least 3x a week. Know where your ideal audience hangs out; are they in Facebook groups, LinkedIn seminars, or even subreddits? 

Don’t wait for your audience to always come to you! Go out, find them and interact with them! 

4 – Ask For Help

There is absolutely no shame in asking for help! Specifically in asking your followers to share your content. 

A study by Social Bakers found that users who asked their followers to “RT” their posts on Twitter received 73.48 average retweets per tweet. Those who didn’t ask for retweets received just 2.09 retweets.

It doesn’t hurt at all to ask. Make sure you have a “Share” button embedded in your blog that’s noticeable to readers, as well as asking social media followers to just give a quick share to their feed. At the end of every piece, ask readers to kindly share your blog as it helps you out as a creator. And if they don’t share it, no skin off your back, really. But if they do, then thank them and celebrate the fact that your content is being shared with the masses!

5 – Network, Network, Network 

Networking: the word that just never stops haunting us. Although, it is true what they say– your network is your net worth. If you want to build blog traffic, you need to be building relationships, too– with other bloggers, that is! 

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Be active in various communities and comment on other blogs that you read. Maybe include other bloggers in a “Top 10 Best Blogs” post, or reach out to them via social media and comment on their work. Or, you can even tag them in a tweet. Odds are, they’ll retweet your tweet to their page, and thus bring you traffic and shares. Linking to your own blog posts is great for SEO, but it’s important to link to outside sources as well. This signals to Google that you’re not a spammer and builds a relationship with the other blogs you’re linking to. 

Get out there and make some friends! 

By optimizing your blog and setting up a content strategy, you’re now ready for the masses of traffic. Following these 5 tips on how to get more traffic to your blog will set you up for success and provide you with a basic understanding of your website.

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